Christians in Business


So many of us have shouted from the rooftop that God has called us into business- but lack the integrity to prove that to be true. So until Jesus decides to come back, we got a lil' time to clean these businesses up honey. 

Below you'll find 11 things that Christians in business need to consider:

1. Rededicate your business back to The Lord daily.

Often times we try to take full control of the business that God has entrusted us with. This leads us into making irrational and unwise decisions just to make a coin when God's businesses are ultimately designed to (1) sew seeds into the lives of our customers/& others (2) exemplify hope, courage, and faith in the Lord so that others will be inspired to pursue what he's called them to do (3) bring souls to Christ.

2. Learn how to work with God in your business, not against him.

God wants us to prosper! Therefore, he's going to give us the necessary tools, resources, wisdom, and guidance to do so. 

3. Check your stewardship.

Are you stewarding well what God has entrusted you with? Are you procrastinating when God said move? Are you being faithful over the little? Are you sincerely & wholeheartedly taking care of the portion God has given you before asking for more? Can he trust you? Are you grateful for the small beginnings? Are you doing EVERYTHING DECENT AND IN ORDER WITH LOVE AND INTEGRITY?

4. Check you motives. 

5. How will your product(s) and/or service(s) bless the consumer(s)?

6. Are you bearing fruit in your business? 

7. Beware of idolatry, vanity, & deceitfulness!

8. Know the money will come!

The bag was secured before the foundations of the earth chile. All you have to do is walk in purpose. Walk by faith. And know that as you obey The Lord, the money will come, it will stay, and as long as you give God his portion (tithes) he will generously add more without sorrow. 

9. Build meaningful "GODLY" relationships!

10. Get your legal stuff (paperwork, formation, fees, etc) in order & pay them taxes!


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