FAITH during Quarantine! ...the VALUE in SOLITUDE...

...ain't no fear...
PSALM 46:10
If we are honest, this will be the first time in a long time that we've had an opportunity to "be still." And while we're on this honesty trip, we are only adhering to the "be still" movement because we have no other choice.
Jobs are closed. Schools are closed. Restaurants, bars, and other places geared towards entertainment are closed. Even churches are closing their doors due to this Coronavirus. But chillleee, let me tell you something, I am so glad that heaven ain't closed... :-O
Don't get me wrong! I do understand the heaviness most of you may feel from the uncertainty of the impact of this virus- BUT GOD is not caught off guard by this pandemic. He is in control chillee!
If you think about it, we actually need this time of isolation to seek God and ask some questions honey. But remember, you must do like Habakkuk did in chapter two verse one after you ask your lil questions, "climb up to your watchtower (get in your quiet place/the place you meet God) and stand at your guard post (get in position, be still, and be ready to receive by opening your ears, your eyes, and your heart). Wait to see what the Lord says and how he will answer your complaint." Habakkuk 2:1
Trust me, you got a question...The Lord has an answer!
So, let's talk about the value in what the world is calling "QUARANTINE."
But before we do, let's look at a few definitions and synonyms. 
Quarantine - isolation
Isolation - keep in solitude
Solitude - peace
Value - usefulness, advantage
Faith - strong belief, trust, confidence, & hope in God
Below you'll find a few things that'll help strengthen your FAITH in The Lord during this time of Quarantine:
  1. Quarantine is the perfect opportunity to SEEK GOD concerning ALL THINGS that are pressing upon your heart! Otherwise, we are normally so busy idolizing the things God has given us (gifts, talents, jobs, children, entertainment, etc.) instead of worshiping him and seeking him for wisdom!
  2. Quarantine is an opportunity to isolate from the world/others to PRAY. Jesus loved him some isolation. According to scripture, Jesus would retreat to a quiet place often to seek the will of the Father. Luke 5:16 says, "But he would withdraw to desolate places to pray." Let's be like Jesus during this time! 
  3. Quarantine is an opportunity to develop our character. This is a time where our weaknesses can be revealed and spiritually transformed according to God's word. A time where patience will not only be tested, but given an opportunity to be strengthened in The Lord. This is also the time where commitment, faithfulness, & diligence has an opportunity to grow and develop through obedience.
  4. Quarantine is a great opportunity to seek God concerning purpose. I mean, if you use this time wisely, you will have absolutely no excuse not to come out of this thang knowing your purpose, God's vision for your life, & your assignment for this season. I was reading this other blog and it read, "God wants to give us dreams and visions of what can be done through us that came come through aloneness. Your greatest achievement may be birth out of your aloneness." -There is purpose in aloneness from people. 
  5. Quarantine is a time of restoration & peace of mind in Christ.
  6. Quarantine allows us to take notice of the needs of other's. Once you have been enlightened on the needs of others and given the go from The Lord, meet the need! 
  7. Quarantine is a time for GROWTH in Christ. Read, Study, Meditate & Apply God's word daily.
  8. Quarantine is a great time for fasting & pruning! The pruning of selfish, sinful, lustful, worldly, evil desires that the enemy tries to entice us with.


Things to avoid:

  1. Sadness
  2. Depression
  3. Self-pity
  4. Giving in to sin/temporary satisfaction
  5. Feeling trapped or helpless
  6. Allowing the lies of the enemy to exalt itself over God's word & his promise.


Most importantly, don't let the worries of this life choke the word and your Faith in God out of you. Stay prayed up and ready to rebuke the enemy at all times. God will never leave us nor forsake us.


God got us chillee!

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Conchetta Dixon

Yasss!!!! You hit the nail on the head. Especially about keeping still to defeating temptation to studying more. Great post

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