"Jesus Fix My Spouse"



After last week's text messages, emails, inbox messages, and smoke signals- I realized that most of the prayer requests submitted were centered around marriage and what seemed to be a long over due answered prayer for Jesus to "fix" their spouse. I can not say that I blame any of them for reaching out to me just in case my prayer prompted The Lord to come on through because I delegate Pastor Mommy to pray for my situation(s) all the time to see if Jesus gone answer her first. LOL!

Hence the scripture,
 "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."
James 5:16
However, after I prayed and touched and agreed with them in the spirit, I made sure I encouraged them to be the WISE spouse they were created to be. What does that mean? So glad that you ask!
Now, the first part in being a 'wise' spouse they had down to a science. And that is recognizing what's wrong and what ain't lining up with the expectation chile! (*inserts* high five here) -but I would be at fault if I did not share with them what Pastor Mommy taught me. Pastor Mommy taught me not to see what's wrong but to "SEE THE NEED,  then PRAY, and drop the plumb line on *the need* which is LOVE!" I bet you're wondering what in the world does all of this mean right? Let me break it down for ya'll!
Pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is showing you concerning your spouse. Not to criticize them, but to take it to the alter/ to The Lord in prayer chile. Once you take it to The Lord you will receive your instructions. Whether your instructions are to wait patiently upon The Lord to change your spouse, minister to your spouse, pray & fast for your spouse, and/or be the example for your spouse you are to do this in FAITH.
We have a responsibility to our spouses to cover them in prayer. They are not exempt from trials and tribulations just because they are married to you. As a matter of fact, due to the anointing on you and your spouse's life, the devil wants to tempt you and your spouse even more to fall into unbelief. But I encourage you today to resit the devil and pray without ceasing. 
How dare we complain about our spouses more than we pray for them? Couldn't pay us enough to stop thanking Jesus for our spouses when we finally exchanged rings! Nowadays we asking Jesus if we married the wrong person. That ain't nothing but the devil chile. Even if you married before consulting God, he is still able to turn your marriage around for his glory! So again, I advise you to pray without ceasing and however The Lord decide to work your marriage out, pray for the peace and the joy of The Lord. 
1 Corinthians 13:7 can handle this part for us!
"Love never gives up,
never loses faith, is always hopeful,
and endures through every circumstance."
Well folks, that sums it right on up!
To all of my married couples, we have a responsibility to exemplify the LOVE of Christ in our marriages!

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