"Who told you that you were naked?" Genesis 3:11

Throughout the years, I've had many many days where I just felt down right empty, insecure, inadequate, and helpless. Days where I felt like I wasn't good enough for nothing or nobody. If I'm going to be completely honest, just the other day (11/27/2018) I felt totally inadequate as an adult, a business owner, a child of God, a Christian leader, and sadly as a wife to my amazing husband. (insert sad face here)
Now I don't know if any of you have ever felt this way, but I tell ya, it's one of the most depressing and anxiety provoking feelings you'll ever have. UGH!
But where was this feeling coming from and why has it been so hard to get rid of it lately? Why won't it just go away for good??? #questionsthatneedanswers
Well, after seeking wise counsel. After praying. After ugly face crying. After multiple come to Jesus moments. After "thirsting" for Godly answers via Mr. Google, I've finally narrowed it down to a few different scenarios- but I'll stick to a statement Pastor Mommy shared with me a little while ago for the sake of time... she said, "The devil wants us (as in God's people) to believe that God is withholding something good from us..." ......read that again! 
Why else would we "feel" empty, inadequate, insecure, intimidated, less than, unworthy, unloved, helpless, worthless, ashamed, afraid/fearful, and the list goes on and on- other than believing God forgot to bless us with extra coins, a spouse, good looks, nice home, new clothes, a business, a baby, a job, an opportunity, another chance, access, a new car, a promotion, a college education, etc etc? It's like no matter how good and how faithful God has been to us we still allow the enemy to make us "feel" like he's withholding more! Fine example is when Satan tried to tempt Jesus in the book of Matthew chapter 4. First Satan tried to make Jesus doubt 'who he is and whose he is' by challenging God's word. Then he tried to offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the world as if the world and everything in it doesn't already belong to God our father. This is just one of the many examples of how the enemy comes in and tries to twist God's truth. The devil's goal is to make us doubt what God's promises are to us and about us. But of course Jesus exemplified what it looks like to be armed with God's truth. Jesus was able to counteract Satan's lies with God's truth by telling Satan, "IT IS WRITTEN" (complete sentence with what God said in his word). Jesus was able to do this because he'd read the word, meditated upon the word, studied the word, and applied the word. (now if we could just get this cycle in heavy rotation we'd be good right?)
Any who, one day I was sharing my "inadequate feelings" with my brother in Christ Pastor Samuel Smith and he said something so simple yet so powerful. He said, "Your feelings are not trustworthy." Chile he just shut my pity party right on down huni.
He was right..
After 32 years of living, I should know that.
That's why the bible tells us to,
"Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise."
Philippians 4:8
Not on them untrustworthy feelings and lies from the enemy chile!
So whenever you "feel" like you're not enough or you don't have enough, ask yourself a very important question or ten.
  1. Who am I listening to?
  2. Who told me I wasn't enough?
  3. Who told me I was a failure?
  4. Who told me I needed more money than faith?
  5. Who told me it's too late?
  6. Who told me I should be ashamed? Afraid?
  7. Who told me that if I don't have the things that I prayed for (yet) that I am doing something wrong?
  8. Who told me that God will never forgive me for what I did?
  9. Who told me God ain't gone show up right on time?
  10. Who told me God ain't gone do what he said?
  11. Who told me that Jesus couldn't heal my/or my loved one's condition?
  12. Who told me that praying for that situation ain't gone work?
  13. Who told me that love ain't enough?
  14. Who told me that love is blind and sometimes it hurts?
  15. Who told me that I have to settle?
  16. Who lied to me?
  17. Who allowed the enemy to lie to me in my own voice?
  18. Who am I going to believe?
  19. Who told me to put my trust in anyone other than God?
  20. Who told me that God is blessing the people "in the world" more than he is those that have chosen to live for Christ?

Chile! It's time to RENEW our thoughts and minds, take these lies CAPTIVE and TALK BACK (with scripture of course)... By the way, list a few of your favorite scriptures in the comments so that we can start talking back and rebuking the enemy with WHAT IS WRITTEN! 

P.S. I chose the title, "Who told you that you were naked?" because it reminded me of how the lie the enemy tries so hard to convince us to believe is sometimes centered around what may be indeed a "fact" at that particular moment in your life. For example, it is a fact that Adam and Eve were naked. However, in Genesis 2:25 it says that, "the man and his wife were both naked, but they felt no shame." At this particular time in their life, their only focus was God, his word/truth, his instructions, and one another. It wasn't until they started LISTENING to the enemy that doubt and shame began to form in their minds.

The same goes for us. Yea it may be fact that your bank account only has (-.97) but you can and you will still accomplish the vision God gave you! (this is a true story for both me and Pastor Mommy by the way)LOL!! 

Yea it's a fact that you sin(ned) and fell short but nothing will ever ever ever separate us from the Love of God. And guess what, he's willing to forgive you!

Yea it's a fact that you've been diagnosed with an incurable condition but there are several books in the bible where our father healed people instantly of diseases they had for yearrrrrssssssss... but even if he doesn't take that cup from you, he is still able and he is still GOOD!

Well folks, I think I've blogged myself happy in The Lord! LOL - I pray that this helped someone. Be sure to comment below and let's keep one another in prayer. Spiritual warfare is so real! But we serve a God that is able to do exceedingly and abundantly waaayyyy moooorrreee than any lie from the enemy can do. Remember, the enemy has to get permission from our God to do anything. God ain't gone let him touch ya, but your faith has to be tested! What grade will you score on test?






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