About The Finicky Wife

Vantashi Smith is a Mississippi-based Women’s Footwear Designer, Christ Inspired Gifts Designer, Wifeprep Coach, Wife Coach, Author, and Teacher of God’s Holy Word. Vantashi provides exclusive one on one coaching services and group services through her seminars, books, and Youtube Channel: 'Jesus and Sweet Tea Time' to those who are ready to place one foot in front of the other and live a more tenacious life by FAITH.

Vantashi's Ministries include:
Wifeprep is a christian movement designed to inspire women to live a life of God's purpose, vision, and integrity before their husbands find them.

The Praying Wives Club:
The Praying Wives Club is designed to inspire wives to come together, take a stand, and pray for God centered, long lasting, joyful, healthy, loving marriages.

YouTube: Jesus and Sweet Tea Time
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