RELATIONSHIP SERIES: What are WE bringing to the table?

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OK! So as you know, or perhaps as you can see, we started a Bible Study with Finicky series on RELATIONSHIPS over on my Instagram page @thefinickywife! & Whew chilllleee! Without giving too much of the study away, in short, we kicked off the series with, "What are WE bringing to the table?" And boy oh boy was this teaching a spiritual awakening... LOL!

What do I mean by this? So glad you asked!

Basically the nice cars, the nice houses, the 401k, the coins in your bank account, the degrees, the intellect, the looks, the body, the "whatever you can see" are all amazing things to possess and bring to the table because surely they are all gifts from the Father. But guess what? At the end of this life when we stand before the The Lord, he will not ask us about our earthly treasures. Instead he will hold us accountable for our spiritual journey, carrying out the purpose for which he has called us to, and the assignments he gave us to fulfill while here on earth. (Read both: Matthew 6:19-21 and Mark 8:36)

Often times when it comes to relationships, I hear our generation say things like, "I love hard..." um, ok! BUT do you love RIGHTEOUSLY according to scripture? (1 Corinthians 13) *Two totally different things Saints*

The Father did not call us to LOVE how the world loves out of the flesh. He called us to LOVE by bearing fruit of the Holy Spirit, by helping one another, by winning and snatching souls for Christ, but most importantly to advance the KINGDOM. (Galatians 5:13-26)

We are called to be fruitful and multiply in these relationships y'all. (Genesis 1:28) Not to be on our own self fulfillment agenda. LOL!

So, here are a few questions to ask ourselves when entering or involved in any relationship: 

1. What does my relationship look like with the Lord? -This will reflect in your personal relationships.

2. Where am I in my spiritual walk?-Spiritual maturity will help you succeed in all relationships.

3. What is my spiritual gift and how can I use my gift to help my partner?-We are joined together to help each other according to the gifts given to us by the Father.

4. What does my prayer life look like?-Do I know how to be steadfast in prayer, pray the Father's will & produce wonderful results? 

5. What does my faith in the Father look like?-It will be impossible to please the Father in anything or any relationship without Faith.

6. What does my devotion & quiet time before the Father look like?-He got something he want to tell us concerning these relationships.

7. Do I truly know how to forgive as often as the father has instructed me to?-Epic fail! LOL

8. Do I know how to allow the Holy Spirit to bear fruit in my relationships?-Stop being stubborn and caught up in our own feelings. Sow some good fruit so we can reap this good harvest. 

9. Do I know how to truly LOVE  as Christ has instructed in his word?-Epic fail again! LOL

10. Is God truly the center of my life and will I allow him to be the center of my relationships?-From now on, Yes & Amen!


We all got to do better, in Jesus Mighty & Matchless name! Amen!

Love Finicky



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